Manufacturer: Lada Cars Limited
Model: Niva 1.7i Hussar (VAZ 2121)
Engine type/size: 4 cylinder in line, 1690cc with single point fuel injection system and catalytic converter.
Fuel Type: Petrol, Unleaded.
Maxiumum power: 75bhp @5400rpm
Maximum Torque: 133Nm @3200rpm
Maximum speed: Unknown
Acceleration (0-60mph): Unknown
Kerb weight: 1260kg.
Dimensions: Length: 374.0cm.  Width: 168.0cm.  Height: 164.0cm.
Cost (original): Unknown
Value (now): Unknown
Place of manufacture: Russia
Date of manufacture: 1997
Vehicle Status: Sold Mid 2006
Notes: To follow.

Modification to allow this model to use aftermarket oxygen/lambda sensors without triggering Check engine light and error code 13.

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References: Lada Niva Owners Handbook.

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