Manufacturer: Luxina (Distributed by International Lamps Limited in UK)
Model: SCR-11W Orange
Application: General Lighting/Decorative
Wattage: 11W (21VA - pf=0.51)
Diameter (max): 85mm
Length: 110mm
Tube Length: 240mm (approx)
Bulb/Tube material: Glass, triphosphor (colour 827) internal coating.  Red plastic coating on outer surface
Colour Temperature: Red coloured.
Peak output wavelength: N/A
Total light output: Unknown.
Rated lifetime: 8000 Hours
Cap: B22
Operating voltage: 240V AC 50Hz
Operating current: 80mA
Warmup/restrike time: 1 minutes/none
Cost (original): Unknown
Value (now): Unknown
Place of manufacture: Unknown
Date of manufacture: Unknown, Possible Date code PA3638 Present on lamp
Lamp Status: Working, presumed unused.

The initial impression you may get (as I did!) is that this is a cheaply made coloured CFL.  Fact of the matter is that technically you'd be right - it's a very ordinary warm white lamp with a red coloured paint applied none-too-evenly to the outer surface of the tube.

The reason for this however, is that this lamp dates back to before orange CFLs were readily available.  This lamp was intended to replace the reddish orange "fire glow" incandescent lamps in a decorative Christmas display - and as such was made-to-order.  This is why I've not been able to track it down in International Lamp's catalogues.  It doesn't exist in there, because it never did - it was custom made, I would imagine as part of quite a large order.

The very slightly orange-ish red I would have said was quite a bit more reddish than the fire glow lamps - slightly more so than my camera makes it look below - and if I hadn't known the intended purpose I'd have said (and I DID say until I updated the page!) that it was just red.  To give that warm glow though, it'd do the job just fine, and of course with a far greater degree of safety for a display due to the lower heat output.

While technically it's not a brilliant bit of kit - it's a bit of lighting equipment which was originally made to order, rather than an off-the-shelf part, hence is rather rarer and more interesting than it might otherwise be.  Not often you find custom made CFLs.  Of course, this lamp serves little purpose now that orange CFLs are readily available, and is just an interesting bit of lighting history now.

Luxina and Pro-Lite products seem to bear a striking resemblance to each other, and I reckon that they may well be sourced from the same OEM, though Luxina is actually a registered trademark of International Lamps.  I also have Pro-Lite SCR-18W lamps (18W version of this) which are coloured as well - though these make use of a coloured phosphor rather than an external coating like this.  Otherwise the lamps are technically identical - even down to the noisy ballasts.

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Acknowledgements: Many thanks to the website reader who donated this lamp for display!


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