Mercury 15W 2700K Compact Fluorescent Lamp

Manufacturer: Mercury Lighting
Model: -
Application: General use
Wattage: 15W
Diameter (max): 60mm (from memory)
Length: 120mm (from memory)
Tube Length: 370mm
Bulb/Tube material: glass, internally phosphor coated
Colour Temperature: 2700K
Peak output wavelength: N/A - broadband emission
Total light output: 900Lm (estimate)
Rated lifetime: 10'000 Hours
Cap: B22
Operating voltage: 230V
Power Factor: 0.61
Operating current: 65mA
Warmup/restrike time: 3 minutes/instant
Cost (original): 3.99
Value (now): --
Place of manufacture: Unknown
Date of manufacture: Late 2001.

Another one that's not in maybe as new condition, has seen about a year of service in an up-lighter in this room, which is why it's a bit on the grubby side, and there's a little blackening of the tube at the cathodes, nothing serious though, and it seems to be holding up just fine - could maybe just have done with a bit of a clean before I started snapping photos of it!

Warm-up time's a little slower than average maybe, about 90 seconds to 75% I'd guess, though without a photometer I can't really test that. Once up to temperature though, colour balance is good, there's no flicker, and the ballast is silent (As are 99% of them these days anyhow), and the ballast doesn't get too hot.

Starting seems to be reliable, with a slight flicker occasionally visible if the tube is at extremely low temperatures (< 0 degrees C), and obviously, taking a good deal longer to warm up from that temperature.

Unfortunately, this lamp got broken when it had roughly 6'000 hours on it.  (My fault, trying to do three things at once, and I dropped it).  Was still working perfectly.

Shame that, as I'd have liked to see how long it lasted!  The ballast however has since been scavenged and put into service in a 15W linear fluorescent fixture in place of a magnetic ballast which could barely keep even a brand new tube alight, seems to work just fine.

Note: These photos were taken on a very cheap circa 2003 digital camera hence are of poor quality and resolution.  As I no longer have this lamp I'm afraid I won't be able to improve on these...Sorry.


Mercury 15W 2700K Compact Fluorescent Lamp - General lamp overview


Mercury 15W 2700K Compact Fluorescent Lamp - Detail of lamp cap


Mercury 15W 2700K Compact Fluorescent Lamp - Detail of lamp shown lit


Mercury 15W 2700K Compact Fluorescent Lamp - Detail of text printed on lamp base


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