Manufacturer: Produced for Morrison's Supermarkets PLC. (Unknown OEM)
Model: 11W Energy Saving Reflector Lamp
Application: General Use, Display Lighting
Ballast type: Electronic
Wattage: 11W
Diameter (max): 80mm
Length: 130mm
Electrode gap: 3-U Style tube.
Bulb/Tube material: (Inner) Soft Glass, internal triphosphor coating.  (Outer) Glass, part internal aluminium coating.
Colour Temperature: Not Stated.  Estimate 3000K
Peak output wavelength: N/A - Broadband Emission
Total light output: 600Lm (Manufacturers Claim. 54.55 Lm/W)
Rated lifetime: 10'000 Hours
Cap: B22 (E27 Also Available)
Operating voltage: 220-240V ~ 50-60Hz
Operating current: 80mA (pf = 0.47)
Warmup/restrike time: 2 minutes/None
Cost (original): 3.49 (September 2005)
Value (now): --
Place of manufacture: Not Stated
Date of manufacture: Q2 2005
Notes: This lamp just goes to show how CF technology is starting to get a foothold in the everyday lighting market.  This lamp being sold in a major supermarket chain, at a price that almost anyone can afford.  Previously, reflector CF lamps were a "specialist" item that I had to order from either a specialist lighting store, or online.

Technically this lamp is nothing particularly extraordinary.  It's a conventional 11W CF lamp with a reflector stuck on the end - or screwed on the end as the case actually is in this case.  Literally!  I discovered this by accident when cleaning the lamp for the photographs (It's shiny - the camera likes to show up any and EVERY fingerprint...).  The reflector can actually be unscrewed from the lamp - leaving you with a conventional 11W CFL then!  It's not a hugely useful feature, but is interesting for a lamp collector such as myself.

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This lamp added to the Virtual Display Shelf...sometime before I started recording it!  Oops.

Acknowledgements: None.

References: Lamp packaging only.


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