Manufacturer: Pro-Lite
Model: SCR-18 Red/Green/Blue
Application: General use, decorative
Wattage: 18W
Diameter (max): 45mm
Length: 110mm
Tube Length: 280mm (approx)
Bulb/Tube material: Glass, coloured phosphor coating on inner surface
Colour Temperature: Unknown
Peak output wavelength: N/A - Broadband emmision
Total light output: Not Stated.  Blue is dimmest, red second, green by far brightest
Rated lifetime: Not Stated - testing results for Red lamp: 8950 Hours.
Cap: B22
Operating voltage: 240V AC 50Hz
Operating current: 112mA (pf = 0.58)
Warmup/restrike time: 2 minutes/instant
Cost (original): Unknown
Value (now): --
Place of manufacture: Unknown
Date of manufacture: Unknown - Estimated 2003

An interesting collection of lamps here.  Technologically they are conventional electronically ballasted spiral type compact fluorescent lamps.  What is unusual however, is that they are available in a range of three (and possibly more) colours.  I have three lamps, one of each colour.  The Blue one unfortunately appears to have become faulty while in storage, as it refused to start up for the photo shoot.  This I found to be a distinct disappointment. 

The colours of these lamps are quite unique.  The red and green are much as they appear in the photographs below - with the red being pink (No, not light!), the green a very pale (and BRIGHT) green, and the blue a rather dimmer mid-blue.  A room lit with the red one actually looks very interesting - and not entirely unpleasant if it's providing the background light, a standard source lighting any work areas.

As you can see in the table above, there are a number of gaps in my information for these lamps.  If you know any of the answers, or have access to the datasheets, I'd be most grateful if you could get in touch.


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This lamp added to the Virtual Display some point in the past before I marked it on the pages.  Oops.

Acknowledgements: Many thanks to the website reader who donated several of these lamps for display.

References: Lamp markings only.


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