Manufacturer: Kingston Lamp Company Limited
Model: 60W Green
Application: Decorative or Display Lighting
Wattage: 60W (56W Measured)
Diameter (max): 60mm (PS60 lamp shape)
Length: 115mm
Tube Length: N/A
Bulb/Tube material: Green Glass
Colour Temperature: Green!
Peak output wavelength: Unknown
Total light output: Unknown
Rated lifetime: Unknown
Cap: B22 - Brass
Operating voltage: 220-250V
Operating current: 0.22A Measured
Warmup/restrike time: None
Cost (original): Unknown
Value (now): Unknown
Place of manufacture: Hull, England
Date of manufacture: Unknown
Lamp Status: Working

Little bit of an older lamp I do believe!  At least the style of the old corrugated cardboard packaging suggests.  Unfortunately, the company Kingston Lamps Limited, once based in Hull appears to be defunct now.  At least a quick internet search didn't reveal any trace of their continued existence.

Coloured lamps aren't all that unusual, though ones using coloured glass rather than just a coating of some description are a little more scarce.  This one is one of the nicer ones, with a deep emerald green envelope which is virtually impossible to capture properly on the camera, the preference of the camera being to render it as simply being black.  Ah, the joys of digital cameras.  The most accurate representation of the colour is in the second last photograph below which shows the internal structure of the lamp.

The structure both internally and externally of this lamp is virtually flawless, the only thing marring its appearance being a bit of excess cement from when the cap and bulb were joined.

Figuring out the ratings of this one took a bit of guesswork, as there are no markings whatsoever on the lamp, and the packaging doesn't show any information other than who made it.  Given that on our mains voltage (246.9V this evening), the wattmeter showed it to be drawing just over 55W of power, I'm going to assume that it would have been badged as a 60W lamp.

The colour is quite unlike that from any other lamp I have, being quite dim as you would expect, a deep forest green colour, quite accurately represented in the second photograph below.  Of course, with the lamp being made of coloured glass, this lovely colour would have been maintained throughout the life of the lamp.

This lamp gets filed under the "technically very ordinary, but visually very pretty" category I think.

If anyone has any information on the current status or the history of the company behind this lamp, I would be most grateful to hear of this so that I could add the relevant information to this page.


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