Manufacturer: Pro-Lite (Website unknown)
Model: GU10 LED - Orange - 240V 1.8W T/C
Application: Display & atmospheric lighting
Wattage: 1.8W (2W measured - Wattmeter only has a 1W resolution)
Diameter (max): 50mm
Length: 55mm
Bulb/Tube material: Glass
Colour Temperature: Around 1500K
Colour Rendering Index: Not Stated
Peak output wavelength: Around 600Nm (orange) - also available in white, blue, green and red
Total light output: Not Stated
Rated lifetime: 30'000 Hours
Cap: GU10/GZ10
Operating voltage: 230-240V AC
Operating current: 30mA
Warmup/restrike time: None/None
Cost (original): Unknown - Equivalent lamp available from BLT Direct for 8.49 (March 2006)
Value (now): Unknown
Place of manufacture: Not Stated on lamp/Packing
Date of manufacture: Unknown - Code PA2159 on lamp.
Lamp Status: Working

These lamps are a natural evolution from those which have started to appear to substitute the 12V dichroic halogen lamps so often used to light displays or provide accent lighting in homes.  The only real difference in the case of this type of lamp is that it includes rectification and regulation circuitry in the base, allowing it to be connected directly to the 230V mains supply, without a need for a separate step down transformer.

This particular lamp is aimed at the relatively low output end of the scale (being equivalent to a 15W incandescent), but is still very much suited to lighting displays, or providing a colour wash effect on walls, ceilings etc.  Of course, the one obvious advantage in this lamp over it's halogen brothers is that it gives out virtually no heat at all.  Also, the fact that it's rated to last some thirty thousand hours (assuming your usual usage patterns of three hours a day - who ever came up with that figure anyway? - this equates to some 27 and a bit years of use).  Lamps with narrower beams and higher outputs are also available, often making use of higher power (Luxeon Star or similar) LED's and additional optics.  This particular lamp makes use of 15 very ordinary 5mm clear cased LED's, albeit quite bright ones.

The beam colour of this particular lamp is a totally saturated amber colour - very reminiscent of the colour produced by a low pressure sodium discharge lamp - just slightly more red, and as the spectra below shows, not totally monochromatic as the discharge lamp would be.  As you would wish for a lamp of this type, the beam is very smooth medium flood, without any swirls or shadows there to interfere with the display.  If you have a plain white subject, the individual beams from the LED's only start to become visible within 30 cm or so of the lamp.

It is worth noting that this lamp is not suitable for use with dimmers (of any type) due to the complex driver electronics built into it, unlike its incandescent equivalents.


Click Thumbnails for full size images. Note - Divisions on target are 10mm apart. Lamp was 1 metre from target when photographed



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