GEC BT-304 Television

This set was rescued from a garage clearout back in 2008 when it was otherwise going to end up in a skip.  Which having managed to survive since 1953 would have been a crying shame.

I've not had a chance to get to it yet, but hopefully it will have its turns on the restoration workbench at some point.  It's stored in a safe, dry location in the meantime.

Below are just a few photos from when I first brought it home.

GEC BT-304 as it was dragged out of the garage loft it was rescued from

This was how it arrived - it had to be carefully attacked with the vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth before we would even allow it in the house.

Cabinet isn't in bad shape all things considered, the burn mark on the sliding door is from where it sits next to the mains dropper resistor

You can see with the doors that cover the screen when not in use closed where the heat from the dropper resistor has over the years discoloured one of the doors.

Some damage to the veneer on the case top due to a mishap where it was very nearly dropped from a ladder during retreival.

Some damage to the top of the case sadly from where it was very nearly dropped from the ladder when being retrieved from the garage loft.  Still, I guess better to have a bit of veneer to need to repair than having had the whole thing clatter to the concrete floor below.

Have to wonder what the odds of this LOPTx living to fight another day are...

It's grubby in the extreme, but at least seems complete.

Styling is very much a product of its time, and is quite an elegant set I think

Evidence of pretty standard prior repairs on the power board

Evidence of prior repairs judging from the "Polo mint" style replacement resistor bridging an open circuit bit of the dropper resistor.

Input signal side of things is filthy but complete

Looking at the signal side of things, it's again absolutely filthy but seems to be complete.

CRT heater has continuity...Emission may be another story but that will have to wait!

The heater in the tube at least has continuity...though whether it will have any emission shown when put back into service will remain to be seen.  I'm not holding my breath too much given it's obviously seen quite a number of hours of use...Though being a 405-line only set it quite possibly was put away simply when the 405-line service ceased transmitting, rather than having been retired due to a fault.  Though I imagine there are a few faults present now!

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